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April 2018 [2018-5]Decentralization, spending efficiency and pro-poor outcomes in Morocco Maria EL KHDARI, Babacar SARR

This paper studies how decentralization affects poverty, vulnerability, and inequality in Morocco, in the context of ongoing regionalization reforms. We use different non-parametric approaches to assess spending efficiency of Moroccan municipalities and regions over the period 2005-2009. The results indicate that the efficiency of spending in improving pro-poor outcomes is dependent on the fiscal autonomy […]

April 2018 [2018-4]Deconcentration, political and fiscal decentralization, in Morocco Maria EL KHDARI

The paper examines how the Government of Morocco has addressed the issue of decentralization in recent years and how these processes have evolved and affected fiscal and public policies. More specifically, this paper analyzes the current legislative and institutional provisions governing administrative, political and fiscal decentralization in Morocco and presents a detailed analysis of the […]

April 2018 [2018-3]School or work? The role of weather shocks in Madagascar Francesca MARCHETTA, David SAHN, Luca TIBERTI

We examine the impact of rainfall variability and cyclones on schooling and work among a cohort of teens and young adults by estimating a bivariate probit model, using a panel survey conducted in 2004 and 2011 in Madagascar—a poor island nation that is frequently affected by extreme weather events. Our results show that negative rainfall […]

March 2018 Inégalités et vulnérabilités en Nouvelle-Calédonie Michaël GOUJON

This short note recalls the debated conclusions of the literature on the impact of decolonization for small islands. It also presents an overview of compared performances of New-Caledonia in terms of human development and inequalities. It concludes with some thoughts on the vulnerability of New-Caledonia, in the face of climate change particularly.

March 2018 [2018-1]CO2 mitigation in developing countries: the role of foreign aid Mohamed BOLY

This paper empirically investigates the link between foreign aid and pollution, specifically CO2 emissions in developing countries. We use a more complete and recent dataset to re-assess the environmental impact of foreign aid. Focusing on 112 aid recipient countries over the period 1980 – 2013, we find that the effect of aid depends on the […]

February 2018 [2018-0]Income-generating Effects of Biofuel Policies: A Meta-analysis of the CGE Literature Johanna CHOUMERT, Pascale COMBES MOTEL, Charlain GUEGANG DJIMELI

While the production of biofuels has expanded in recent years, findings in the literature on its impact on economic growth and development remain contradictory. This paper presents a meta-analysis of computable general equilibrium (CGE) studies published between 2006 and 2017 on the effect of biofuel production on economic development worldwide. Using 30 CGE studies, we […]


We examine how inflation targeting (IT) and fiscal rules (FR) affect inflation and fiscal performance in a large panel of countries during 1990–2009. In line with theory, both FR and IT appear to shape monetary and fiscal outcomes. Significant cross-effects seem to exist as IT strengthens fiscal performance, whereas the combination of FR and IT […]

January 2018 [2017-0]About polluting eco-industries: optimal provision of abatement goods and Pigouvian fees Damien SANS, Sonia SCHWARTZ, Hubert STAHN

In this article, the authors introduce a polluting eco-industry. Depending on the level of damage, there are two optimal equilibria. If the damage is low, one generalizes the usual results of the economic literature to the polluting eco-industry: the dirty firm partially abates their emissions, only efficient eco-industry firms produce and the abatement level increases […]

December 2017 Un survol de la théorie des biens communs Jean-Louis COMBES, Pascale COMBES MOTEL, Sonia SCHWARTZ

Cet article propose un survol de la théorie des biens communs. La notion de bien commun et la possible surexploitation de ce type de ressource sont tout d’abord exposées. Ensuite, plusieurs illustrations sont apportées telles que le réchauffement climatique, la déforestation, la congestion urbaine et le déficit budgétaire. À chaque fois, les moyens d’éviter la […]

December 2017 [2017-0]Impact of export upgrading on tax revenue in developing and high-income countries Sena Kimm GNANGNON, Jean-François BRUN

Empirical studies usually analyse the relationship between an economy’s trade sector and tax revenue in developing countries through the e ect of trade liberalization on tax revenue. This paper takes a di erent angle by examining the impact of export upgrading strategies (export diversi cation and improvement in export quality) on non-resource tax revenue. The […]