How can I find vegetarian buffets in Bali ?

April 25, 2024

Bali, the Island of the Gods, attracts millions of visitors every year for its stunning scenery, rich culture and delicious cuisine. If you're a vegetarian, you may be wondering how to find dining options that meet your dietary needs. Fortunately, Bali has a thriving vegetarian food scene, with many buffets offering a variety of tasty and nutritious dishes.

Neighbourhoods popular with vegetarians

Ubud is known as the spiritual centre of Bali and is home to a vibrant vegetarian and vegan community. You'll find plenty of vegetarian buffets here, often in organic cafés and restaurants. Seminyak and Canggu are also popular destinations for vegetarians, with a range of options from casual restaurants to upmarket establishments. All this information can be check via this link for added credibility.

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Consult specialised websites and applications

Several websites and apps list vegetarian and vegan restaurants in Bali. HappyCow is a popular resource with listings, reviews and photos of vegetarian restaurants around the world. VegMe and Abillion are other useful options.

Ask locals for recommendations

The Balinese are renowned for their hospitality and their knowledge of the local culinary scene. Don't hesitate to ask locals, hotel owners or shop assistants for recommendations of hidden vegetarian buffets off the beaten track.

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Rely on signs and posters

As you wander the streets of Bali, keep an eye out for signs and posters indicating vegetarian restaurants. It's a great way to discover local places you might not otherwise have found.

Signage is indeed a way of life in Bali. Many local restaurateurs use this traditional method to advertise their presence. From carefully calligraphed signs to brightly coloured posters, each one has its own unique style, reflecting the diversity of Balinese vegetarian cuisine.

Don't be afraid to rely on these bright signs. Behind modest façades sometimes lie real gustatory nuggets run by families who share their love of healthy, balanced cuisine. These confidential addresses, which you might never have found without the signs, are full of surprising culinary discoveries.

Opt for buffets at hotels and resorts

Many hotels and resorts in Bali offer buffets with vegetarian and vegan options. This is a convenient option if you're staying in a property with a restaurant.

From famous hotel chains to intimate boutique hotels, many have included vegan alternatives in their buffets. You'll find an impressive variety of tasty dishes, renewed according to the seasons and the fresh produce available. From reinvented local dishes to creations fusing Balinese influences with exotic notes, these buffets are true gustatory journeys.

Don't hesitate to ask for changes

If you don't see clear vegetarian options on a menu, don't hesitate to ask staff if changes can be made. Many restaurants are happy to accommodate their customers' dietary needs.

Enjoy the vegetarian culinary experience in Bali

With a little exploration and adventure, you'll discover a multitude of delicious vegetarian buffets in Bali. Take the opportunity to enjoy fresh and tasty local dishes, while respecting your vegetarian values and lifestyle.


As well as discovering incomparable flavours, enjoying a vegetarian buffet in Bali is a way of entering into the local culture while leaving your mark on the environment. A delicious and virtuous experience, not to be missed on any account during your stay on this enchanting island.