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October 2020 Just transitions for the coal sector are going mainstream, but policies also need to strengthened Oliver Sartor

The transition from coal is gathering momentum As of late 2018, 30 national governments, 22 sub-national governments and 28 businesses had committed to phase out coal by 2030, under the Powering Past Coal Alliance. Nonetheless, a common critique was that these governments only accounted for about 3% of global coal consumption. But, in the last […]

October 2020 Operationalising the Paris Agreement Transparency Framework beyond Katowice Alexandra Deprez

To understand its importance, we could view the Transparency Framework negotiation process as a three-step collective construction of a house: (1) at COP21, Parties reached agreement on the fundamental structural elements (listed in Article 13 of the Agreement), (2) at COP24, they concurred on the specific construction materials to be used (the Katowice Rulebook’s Transparency […]

October 2020 The IPCC report on land: what’s at stake? Pierre-Marie Aubert

This report, released to little fanfare during the quiet summer period, analyses the interactions between climate change and the so-called “land sector”, which includes agriculture, forestry, pastoralism1, etc. There are two reasons why this sector is a major climate challenge. On one hand, the land sector is one of the most directly affected by climate […]

October 2020 COP14 on desertification: a land agenda that advances in the interest of climate, biodiversity and people Marie-Hélène Schwoob

The subjects of negotiation of the UNCCD, which emerged at the 1992 Earth Summit alongside the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) and the Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD), are likely to affect nearly half of the world’s land surface and population. Desertification is all too often wrongly associated with deserts, such as […]

October 2020 Changing the scientific approach to fast transitions to a sustainable world Elisabeth Hege

Recommendantions Increase in inequality, unsustainable consumption and production, loss of collective and cultural identities, inadequate capacity for strategic complex systems thinking are trends that all have the potential to prevent, hinder or delay transformations toward sustainability. The first major task is to better understand the impact and interaction between globalization, digitalization and sustainabilization The second […]

October 2020 What the Covid-19 economic crisis could change to the development finance agenda Tancrède Voituriez

A heavy blow for poor countries: DFIs need to step up The Covid-19 turned into a major economic crisis for low-income countries well before the pandemic peaked in these countries. And containment and lockdown measures are expected to bring additional economic hardship in countries where informal jobs make up for 75% or more of labour […]

October 2020 Increasing climate ambition: the challenge of the year Lola Vallejo, David Levaï

2020: a major deadline to put ambition back on track According to the Paris Agreement on Climate, by the end of 2020 countries must renew or step up their climate commitments (known as “nationally determined contributions”, or NDCs) submitted in 2015. These must represent a progression compared to previous contributions, and reflect the “highest possible ambition” […]

October 2020 Next stop: Nairobi. Taking stock of preparations for biodiversity COP15 (2020, China) Aleksandar Rankovic

For context, why will COP15’s results be important? What are the stakes? Basile van Havre (BvH): A period of commitments is ending, an international framework is reaching its conclusion. It is therefore necessary to renew this framework, for the organisation of international cooperation on biodiversity. Contrary to what might sometimes be believed, most biodiversity issues […]

October 2020 Keeping an Eye on the High Seas Klaudija Cremers, Glen Wright, Julien Rochette

Key Messages Effective monitoring, control and surveillance (MCS) is a prerequisite for the success of area-based management tools (ABMTs), including marine protected areas (MPAs), and can play a key role in many aspects of a future high seas treaty.   The ongoing treaty negotiations present an opportunity to strengthen and bring greater coherence to MCS […]

October 2020 UNSG Climate Summit: the race is on Lola Vallejo, Yann Robiou du Pont

Increasing the ambition of countries’ climate pledges is undoubtedly the main challenge of the UN agenda on climate this year and until the COP26 to be hosted by the United Kingdom in Glasgow. Under the Paris Agreement on climate change, countries must, by the end of 2020, increase the ambition of their climate commitments (known […]