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October 2021 Should we reforest the Amazon? Frédéric Amiel, Yann Laurans, Damien Barchiche

Forest conservation, a necessity Most of the responses to the Amazon crisis seem to focus, in addition to emergency action to extinguish the blaze, on the “reforestation” of what has been lost, with the idea of reversing the deforestation dynamic—almost no one denies its importance and impacts on biodiversity and climate—even though most of the […]

October 2021 Greening the Belt and Road Initiative: recent advances in assessing the scale of the challenge, the obstacles and the tools for action Sébastien Treyer

A few studies already highlighted the fossil energy intensity of Chinese foreign investment Until recently, transparency on the environmental impact of the BRI, in particular in terms of the decarbonisation of the economy in host countries, relied on a small number of American research centres.1 A study by the World Resources Institute (WRI) published in […]

October 2021 European Union: Five years to deliver the Green Deal Lola Vallejo, Nicolas Berghmans

The political guidelines for the new Commission (2019-2024), proposed by Ursual von der Leyen highlights (six)1 key political fields. Among them, the first one is to build a European Green Deal for a climate-neutral2 EU in her first 100 days in office that is further elaborated in the mission letter to Frans Timmermans. At its […]

October 2021 A shock that shakes our certainties about the resilience of our societies: what international responses? Sébastien Treyer, Nicolas Berghmans

Do we need a new social contract? In Asia, the countries that seem to have coped best with the crisis are those that have already experienced this moral imperative in depth in previous health crises. But in tomorrow’s world, where such crises are likely to be recurrent, the fact that some of the best-resourced countries […]

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