Initiative for Development and Global Governance

Defined as a support facility (methods, finance, logistics, etc.) for two existing bodies, Iddri and Ferdi, the IDGM’s aim is to set up a high level French-European think tank on development policy and sustainable development in order to produce ideas and advocate the international debate on the international development.
Within the IDGM framework, the think-tank activities of the two foundations are complementary, Ferdi’s work being directed towards economic development and cooperation issues, in particular aid evaluation, while Iddri’s is mainly focused on environment and global public-good issues.
The two foundations conduct joint research on topics of common interest, such as relations between macro-economic policy and the environment.
In a nutshell: “IDea = GeM”
IDGM’s thematic domains relate to:

  • Sustainable development
  • Economic development and development policy
  • Regulation and global governance

Its actions are mainly directed towards:

  • Strategic watch (identifying trends, anticipating future issues
  • Production of new ideas that are both targeted and timely
  • Dialogue on policy (seminars, conferences, etc., bringing together researchers and civil society actors)
  • Dissemination of knowledge (memos, publications, etc.)