The Initiative for Development and Global Governance (IDGM)

Ferdi and Iddri, think-tank renowned for their expertise on issues of economic development and sustainable development, decided in 2007 to combine their actions within the framework of the “Initiative for Development and Global Governance” (IDGM). As a result of an interministerial agreement, they received public support for this initiative in the form of two interest-free loans over 15 years granted by the French Development Agency. This support has given the IDGM a sound financial basis, while preserving the independence of both foundations. 

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The project Labex IDGM+

The project “IDGM+ “Designing new international development policies from research outcomes. Enhancement of the Initiative for Development and Global Governance” is built as an extension of the IDGM.

Following the call for tender LABEX “laboratories of excellence” launched by the French government, the project IDGM+ led by Ferdi was selected in 2011.
The project is supported by France and is managed by the “Agence nationale pour la recherche (ANR)” under the reference “ANR-10-LABX-14-01”.

This project associates three main partners, Ferdi, Cerdi (Centre for Studies and Research on International Development) and IDDRI.

The Cerdi, already linked to the Ferdi, became an important partner within the IDGM+ by bringing its research capacity. The project thus completes and strengthens the support brought by the CNRS to the Cerdi through the creation of an « Excellency center » in development economics and through the financing of a « Chair d’excellence » at Cerdi.

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