décembre 2017 [2017-22]Décloisonner l’analyse des données pour appuyer la modernisation des douanes : une illustration à partir du Gabon Joel CARIOLLE, Cyril CHALENDARD, Anne-Marie GEOURJON, Bertrand LAPORTE

Customs administrations in developing countries increasingly use risk-based techniques relying on data mining and statistical scoring. By demonstrating the value of using data analysis techniques to orient frontline controls so as to facilitate legal trade and combat fraud more effectively, these projects have helped promote a cultural change in these organizations. However, these risk management […]

novembre 2017 Is there a strategy in China’s health official development assistance to African countries? Marlène GUILLON, Jacky MATHONNAT

Chinese health official development assistance (ODA) to Africa has largely increased since the third Forum on China-Africa Cooperation (FOCAC) in 2006. Even if China now ranks among the top ten bilateral donors for health aid in Africa few studies have assessed the determinants of Chinese health ODA to African countries. Our objective is to study […]

novembre 2017 Minimum age regulation and child labor: New evidence from Brazil Olivier BARGAIN, Delphine BOUTIN

We suggest new evidence on minimum age regulations using a natural experiment. In 1998, a constitutional reform has changed the minimum working age from 14 to 16 in Brazil. The reform was the legislative counterpart of a broad set of measures taken by a government strongly committed to fighting child labor. We document the fact […]

octobre 2017 Investment climate, outward orientation and manufacturing firm productivity: New empirical evidence Hoang Thanh Mai NGUYEN, Marie-Ange VEGANZONES-VAROUDAKIS

Drawing on the World Bank Enterprise Surveys (WBES), we revisit the link between investment climate and firm productive performance for a panel of enterprises surveyed twice in 70 developing countries and 11 manufacturing industries. We take advantage of the surveys done at different times in an increasing number of economies, to tackle the endogeneity issue […]

octobre 2017 Effect of central transfers on municipalities’ own revenue mobilization: Do conflict and local revenue management matter? Jean-François BRUN, Tiangboho SANOGO

This paper analyzes the effect of the transfers from central government to municipalities on the revenue mobilization by municipalities in Côte d’Ivoire over the period 2001-2014. The analysis is based on a new carefully-constructed dataset covering the conflict and post conflict periods for 115 municipalities. A two-stage least squares estimator is combined with the Grouped […]

septembre 2017 Is fiscal policy always counter- (pro-) cyclical? The role of public debt and fiscal rules Jean-Louis COMBES, Alexandru MINEA, Mousse Ndoye SOW

We investigate the reaction of fiscal policy to the business cycle in a panel of 56 developed, emerging and developing economies over 1990–2011. While we strengthen the established finding that fiscal policy is counter-cyclical, additional outcomes emerge from this study. We reveal a non-linear response of fiscal policy to the business cycle, conditional upon the […]