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mars 2017 The relationship between energy consumption, greenhouse gas emissions, and meteorological factors in Sfax (Tunisia): an ARDL bounds testing approach Hayfa ELKADHI, Maha KALAI, Rania BEN HAMIDA

The current analysis investigates the impact of energy consumption (EC) on environmental quality in the urban area of Sfax, Tunisia. First, we use electricity EC as a proxy for EC. Second, as an indicator of the degradation of the environmental quality, we use the following air pollutants: nitrogen dioxide (NO2), ozone (O3), sulfur dioxide (SO2), […]

mars 2017 Financial development and poverty: evidence from the CFA Franc Zone Youssouf KIENDREBEOGO, Alexandru MINEA

The financial liberalization in the 1980s and early 1990s led the CFA Franc Zone countries to deepen reforms in their financial systems. These reforms fostered financial development, which in turn may have reduced income poverty, as emphasized by several theoretical arguments in the literature. This study aims at estimating the contribution of financial development to […]

février 2017 Reassessing Tax Effort in Developing Countries: a Proposal of a Vulnerability-Adjusted Tax Effort Index (VATEI) Djedje Hermann YOHOU, Michaël GOUJON

This paper describes the estimation of a new tax effort index for 120 developing countries over 1990-2012. Two major innovations are the use of a new measure of non-resource tax revenues and the correction of the traditional method of tax effort estimation by accounting for structural economic and human vulnerabilities. The results indicate that economic […]

février 2017 Taxation, infrastructure, and firm performance in developing countries Lisa CHAUVET, Marin FERRY

This paper investigates the relationship between taxation and firm performance in developing countries. Taking firm-level data from the World Bank Enterprise Surveys (WBES) and tax data from the Government Revenue Dataset (ICTD/UNU-WIDER), our results suggest that tax revenue benefits to firm growth in developing countries, especially in low-income countries and lower-middle income countries. These findings […]

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18 mars 2017 - Amman Economic Research Forum (ERF) : 23e conférence annuelle

Jaime de Melo participait à la première session sur les biens communs

13 mars 2017 - Bamako IHEDD : 1ere mission de formation auprès des cadres du Ministère des finances du Mali

Formation organisée dans le cadre de l’appui technique pour la mise en place d’un modèle d’équilibre général calculable au sein de la Cellule Technique du Cadre Stratégique pour la Lutte contre la Pauvreté (Ministère de l’Economie et des finances du Mali)

28 février 2017 - Rémi Bazillier (CES, University Paris-1)

The gold digger and the machine. Evidence from the artisanal and industrial gold rush in Burkina Faso [PDF]Abstract: Following the boom in World gold price since the mid 2000s, gold extraction has increased dramatically in Burkina Faso. We take advantage of this quasi-natural experiment to provide an analysis of the impact of both industrial and […]

25 janvier 2017 - Albert Zeufack (Banque Mondiale)

Sources of Productivity Growth in Uganda [PDF]Abstract: Uganda’s growth in gross domestic product of the 2000s was accompanied by high growth rates of labor productivity across industries producing tradable goods and services. This came about primarily as a result of investment in equipment and other fixed assets, but also entailed substantial gains in total factor […]

17 novembre 2016 - Marrakech Trajectoires nationales de transformation agricole : développement, adoption et mise en oeuvre – COP22

Iddri et Biovision 17 novembre, 9h00-10h30 Zone verte, Salle Sebou  Intervenants : Teresa Ribera, Directrice de l'Iddri Marie-Hélène Schwoob, Chercheur, Politiques agricoles et alimentaires, Iddri Maria  …

15 novembre 2016 - Marrakech Allouer l’aide à l’adaptation en fonction de la vulnérabilité au changement climatique – COP22

Ferdi, Iddri et l'Agence française de développement (AFD) 15 novembre, 15h00-16h30 Zone verte, Salle Oum Errabia Intervenants : Patrick Guillaumont, Président, Ferdi Gyan Chandra Acharya, Secrétaire général adjoint et Haut-Représentant  …

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